If storytelling, emotional intelligence, and classic sales training didn't get you the results you were looking for, this is for you!

4 Hour Radical Empathy Influence Workshop

What you will learn in this workshop
Your facilitator Aurorasa Sima is the founder of Aurorasa Coaching, an emotional intelligence specialist for the Goulston Group, and certified Marshall Goldsmith executive coach.

  • Temperament: how to recognize someone's temperament in minutes and understand their primary motives
  • Communication: communicate effectively even with people you didn't get or who didn't get you
  • Relationships: make people feel that you care and that you get them
  • Prediction: get where people are coming from and predict their actions
  • Influence: get through to people and lead them to change
  • Yourself: your strengths, your weaknesses
  • Q&A

Included: After the Workshop, you will receive access to our membership site with over 20 training units, exercises, and more. 

How would you like to get buy-in from everyone?

Did it ever happen to you that your idea or product was exactly what a customer needed but they still backed off?

Learn how you can get through to everyone with the power of empathy!

You will learn a simple yet powerful system that is doable by you and delivers results instantly. 

Friday The 12th
at 2 pm Central Time

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